Brake service is not just a maintenance service you have to perform regularly. It is a safety item that can never be ignored. 

Thankfully, brake issue is usually easy to spot since it comes along with brake light coming on, unusual noise, sound or feel when braking.

If for some reason you have a feeling that your brakes do not perform as usual or have any of the below listed signs, do not hesitate to contact Z Auto service for a FREE brake inspection to make sure you are safe to drive. It takes 5 minutes to check and yours and your families safety comes first.

Warning brake system signs:

  • Brake light on dashboard is on

  • Unusual noise or sound when braking: squealing, grinding

  • Brake pedal requires more power in order to stop

  • Vibration or shaking when braking

  • Low or hard brake pedal

Nevertheless, it is advisable to have your brakes checked every time you do an oil change just to make sure everything is in top condition and is safe to drive.


There have been cases in our expertise that the squeaker, that on normal basis should indicate that you have little brake pad material left and should address the issue as soon as possible, broke. In this case not only it is not safe to drive but the driver has no way of telling that his/hers brakes are gone. That is why visual inspection is important. Here at Z Auto Service we always do a visual safety inspection every time working on the car regardless if it is a brake job or any other service. Safety comes first.


Brake service includes:

  • Complete front and rear brake inspection

  • Replacement of the pads or shoes if needed

  • Replacement of the hardware

  • Cleaning and lubrication of non replaceable parts

  • Machining rotors or drums if possible

  • Test driving the vehicle

Sometimes your brakes may get spongy when pressing on them. Do not worry, your system is hydraulic so the brake liquid wears out due to high moisture, high temperature, often stopping and altitude.