We all love diesels, we do! More power, smoother drive, faster acceleration and great fuel efficiency. Everyone has their own reason to own one and we respect it. Nevertheless, we do know it costs more to service and repair.

To keep diesel engine healthy and avoid expensive auto repair make sure to keep maintenance services like oil change, air filter and fuel filter change regular.

Here at Z Auto Service we will love to service your diesel vehicle and take the best care of it. Z is ASE certified technician in diesel engine repairs. He also owns a white Duramax of his own and shares the passion for them with all diesel truck lovers.

When it comes to diesel engine repair, not all automotive repair services are equal. In fact, it may be more difficult for a diesel mechanic to fix your vehicle than someone working on a gasoline car. Here’s the deal: Diesel cars have more moving parts and require more time and skill to work on. But don’t panic! We’re here to help you get back on the road in no time.

Here at Z Auto Service we offer FREE check engine light scanning if you stop by our shop. Just call us before and we will do out best to fit you in to at least see if that is something serious or just an easy fix to give you a peace of mind. If needed, we can also try turning it off to see if it comes back and requires more serious attention. Five minutes of your time might save you tons of headache in the future.