Englewood Auto Repair: Should You Go for a Dealership or an Independent Car Repair Company?

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Englewood Auto Repair: Should You Go for a Dealership or an Independent Car Repair Company?

When your car needs a service or repair, you probably get torn between a dealership and an independent car repair shop. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. We’ve taken the time to list out things to consider before you make a decision.


The Differences Between a Dealership and an Independent Car Repair Company

At first, you might view the difference between a dealership and an independent car repair company as completely financial. People with new and warranty-covered cars will most likely take their car to a dealership for service. Owners of used cars, on the other hand, are more likely to go from one mechanic to another, searching for affordability, reliability, and trust. 

But which is the better choice? Let’s discover below.

Turnaround Time

Both car dealerships and independent mechanics use two factors in determining the best option for service. Service speed is the first one. Both these maintenance alternatives would want to render faster services to their customers. They might even have amazing deals for those who opt to use them for the repair needs of their vehicles.


The quality of work is the second important factor for service. Numerous Englewood auto repair shops will only work and commit with certified and experienced mechanics. In many instances, they can get their vehicle fixed at truly sensible costs. It is difficult to contend with this. Car owners need to get the best value for their cash with respect to the expense of vehicle repairs. This sum incorporates the expense of service administration and the labor costs related to maintenance or repair.


The brand and quality of parts you want for your car depend on you. OEM parts (are usually costlier, yet they are not restrictive to the dealership. Practically, all independent repair shops have access to OEM parts for sale. These are similar parts that a dealership will utilize. As a matter of fact, if an independent shop lacks direct access to order from the manufacturer, most will call a nearby dealership and request the part from the service department. The accessibility of OEM parts at an Englewood auto repair shop is not an issue. 

The major difference when it comes to parts is the price and the quality. Local auto repair shops in Colorado can typically track down a section that accommodates your quality and cost prerequisites. Most parts, whether made by the automaker or a parts manufacturer, work precisely the same. Englewood auto repair shops can have a legit discussion with you regarding the nature and quality of OEM versus non-OEM parts. It’s, therefore, best to always consult with your trusted mechanic.


If you value cost-efficiency, then a local auto shop is ordinarily the most ideal way to go. The dealership’s overhead costs are a lot higher because of more employees, bigger facilities, utilities, protection, insurance, and operating costs. Thus, dealerships charge more for services to cover their costs. 

Independent auto repair shops have greater adaptability in the parts that they can order for your vehicle. Meanwhile, dealerships buy just Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, which are normally costlier. Carmakers substantially have more overhead than parts-only producers or manufacturers. This converts into greater expense for dealerships and, eventually, you.

Ultimately, a dealership has specific ways on how they should transfer data about your vehicle set out by the brand. Dealerships will need to fix everything simultaneously versus independent shops, which are bound to give feedback about which fixes are needed and which ones can wait. 

While the dealership approach isn’t bad, an independent shop will be your smartest choice if you want your car to keep running smoothly at a sensible cost.


Those working for a dealership are knowledgeable about the brand of the car they specialize in fixing or repairing. Yet, different mechanics might be handling your vehicle each time you visit. You may not even have the chance to meet the technician and know him personally. But in an Englewood auto repair shop, there’s a big chance to know each other personally. It’s great to know that someone you trust will handle your car and work hard for it to get you back to the road.


Generally, dealers just have one area you can visit for the necessary repairs and related services. Except if you live or work close by, you need to head to that one place around where your vehicle is sold. This can cost you gas, money, and time, and it tends to be inconvenient. Independent auto repair shops are normally found all over town, and some might be within walking distance from your office or home, making it incredibly simple to reach that spot.


Extra services, including road assistance, emergency aids, and warranties have been a normal practice for dealerships for quite a while. However, the majority of independent shops have also gone the extra mile to offer something similar or, if not better warranties and faster assistance on the road. This is because of the fewer corporate hoops they need to go through to get a tow truck. 

Independent Englewood auto repair shops are more customer-friendly, as they depend on clients’ loyalty and satisfaction over what the big box dealership does. The dealership service department can obtain clients from its sales department. Meanwhile, an independent shop depends entirely on its service administration to keep clients happy and satisfied. Thus, you’ll undoubtedly encounter friendlier and more personal services from independent shops.

Know-how and Expertise

A dealership technician will be specialized and highly trained in a specific make. He’ll be the first to learn about recalls and updates and probably has already seen and fixed the exact issue several times before. Independent repair shops are different when it comes to experience. However, this does not necessarily mean that their ability and knowledge is inferior to a dealership. It only means that independent technicians might perform added diagnostic testing to determine the real problem. Many independent shops, particularly those that have established deep roots within the community, employ technicians with impressive dealership experience. 

Furthermore, most repair shops require technicians to have formal certifications coming from a known national accreditation institution. This significantly sets a standard across the industry. While dealership technicians are more likely to have more experience with one make, independent mechanics are only as knowledgeable about the mechanical systems of any or all vehicles.

Customer Satisfaction

An independent mechanic shop focuses more on client satisfaction. They usually have a customer loyalty program in place that helps increase their client base. This is because technicians or mechanics can minimize their costs over the long run. Clients can personally talk to the mechanic about the issues that their vehicles particularly have. This data will give them a more personalized auto repair experience.

Independent auto shops and mechanics are often better compared to your local dealership’s customer service. The justification behind this is that there are normally two sides to a client’s complaint: first is the dealer, and second is the independent mechanic you chose to work on your car. What an independent mechanic is searching for in a client is a good sales pitch and a convenient solution to whatever issue they might have


The relationship of independent Englewood auto repair shops with the community is also another excellent reason to take your vehicle to them. This is also a great move if you want the money you spend to stay local. With more than 90% of auto repair shops being family-owned and managed, your money is mostly to go back to the local economy. These local service providers commonly employ a few office staff and local mechanics. They also spend a significant amount of money and time to support civic organizations,

which in turn benefits the local community.

Final Thoughts

A dealership and a local auto repair shop have their fair share of differences. However, if you want more personalized and cost-effective service, you can never go wrong with the latter. Z Auto Service is one of the most reputable Englewood auto repair shops in Colorado that you can count on. Get in touch with us today to book your appointment!

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