Auto Repair in Englewood: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Engine Running Smooth

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Auto Repair in Englewood: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Engine Running Smooth

There’s so much more to owning the car of your dreams. Ensuring that it looks and feels good is vital for a comfortable and safe road trip. We know you’re busy with life, so we went ahead and rounded up some great tips below on keeping your engine running smooth for years.

Let’s check them out.


Check for Engine Leaks

Intense pressure and heat often result in leaking fluids from the engine. To identify leaks easily, check and smell under the hood. It would also be best to examine underneath the car to determine if there are leaks. If so, then have them repaired at once to avoid more serious problems.

Keep the Engine Cool

Pay close attention to the engine temperature while driving. By doing so, you will be able to protect it against overheating. If the cooling system functions faultlessly, the coolant or radiator fluid will circulate in sufficient amounts.

Replace the Spark Plugs

Changing the spark plugs can pave the way for enhanced fuel economy and overall performance. Today, numerous vehicles include spark plugs fully equipped with metals like platinum-tipped electrodes. These can last for a hundred thousand miles, so changing them very frequently isn’t necessary.

Check the Tire Pressure

Tires are the sole component of your vehicle that touches the road. Ensuring that your vehicle’s rubber is well inflated is crucial to good driving. Keep in mind that under or overinflated tires can affect stability and traction. The only way to properly keep tabs on this is to secure the right pressure gauge. Either a battery-operated digital display or an analogue unit can do the job without emptying your pocket.

However, some maintenance or repair procedures require more than just these tools. This is where your local auto repair company can come in handy.

Ensure that Door Latches are Lubricated

Ensuring that the door latches are properly lubricated isn’t an assurance of prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle but can surely save you from stress. Squeaky hinges can be annoying and can leave hatches and doors difficult to open. Good thing, there’s a way to resolve this problem, and that’s by using a good spray lubricant like lithium-based grease. This option is not just easy to do but affordable as well.

Go for an Oil Change Regularly

Regular oil change is one of the most effective ways to keep your vehicle up and running for the longest time. Choose premium quality oil that will protect all internal parts against the damaging effects of heat, friction, and certain combustion byproducts. A high-quality filter will also avert particles from damaging internal components.
Your Englewood auto repair shop in Colorado can always recommend the best one that suits your car’s make and specs.

Change the Transmission Fluid and Filter

Drivers seeking more savings would surely consider changing their vehicle’s automatic transmission fluid and filter. Some of the complex parts commonly seen in modern trucks and cars are self-shifting gearboxes. A fresh and clean fluid supply can go a long way in ensuring that components are working properly.

Some manufacturers say that they offer “filled for life” transmission. However, this is a bit strange. Changing filter and fluid every 30,000-50,000 miles won’t harm. Instead, this will add thousands of miles and more years to your vehicle’s life expectancy.

Inspect the Emission System Yearly

The emission system works by moving the exhaust away from the engine alongside reducing noise and refining gas. However, it functions continuously and takes extra abuse because of its placement.

So, have your emission checked and inspected yearly to ensure that your engine will keep running smoothly.

Auto Repair in Englewood

Check the Battery

As a practical matter, check your battery often for signs of damage. Practice the habit of keeping your battery fully charged. Take time to regularly inspect the condition of your battery.

Cleaning the battery cables is also necessary.

You can do this with baking soda and water to avoid corrosion.

Pay Attention to the Tires

Pay close attention to your tires, as their wear patterns might be telling you something. Nevertheless, you will need fresh tires eventually. An excellent way to confirm is with a tread depth gauge. Stick a penny interchangeably upside down in the grooves. If you notice the top of the head of the president, it’s high time to consider tire replacement. Age is a matter of concern since long-lasting tires and using various sets can mean compromising safety even with sufficient tread depth. 

When’s the best time to replace: At the minimum safe tread depth or at least every six to ten years. To be sure, let Englewood auto repair professionals handle this.

Check the Brake System

Honestly, we are puzzled why some people choose to ignore or take their brake system for granted. When in fact, this is one of the most common complaints of drivers. No issue can be deadlier than faulty brakes. Avoiding that mess can be drama-free. You only need to check on the level of fluid and change this often or as needed. Pay attention to the brake-pad condition and consider replacement when worn. 

When to best consider replacement: Every 24,000 miles (fluid) or every two years, preceding minimum safe thickness (pads).


Anything can happen to your car with time. That’s just how wear and tear works. Thus, it’s important to know when something is off. If you suspect this, then take your car to your trusted Englewood auto repair shop. Z Auto Service is one of the leading car repair companies in Colorado dedicated to giving you peace of mind. With a team of certified mechanics, we offer quality service and fast turnaround. Moreover, you can also take advantage of our deals and promotions.

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